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  • tstorm

    I applaud Australians. I'm sure it was a hard won fight because they probably have their own version of a hate-filled Republican party to deal with like we do.

  • Chuck

    Maybe the Westboro Baptist loonies will be going to Australia. WE CAN ONLY HOPE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • TexasVulcan

    I am actually astounded that conservative USA did this before many other more progressive countries. Of course, it took a Supreme Court decision to make it happen.

  • Betty Bloop

    i like this idea -- an official poll -- the u.s. should do this with legalizing abortion then the legislature could deal with it once and for all.

  • Rudi Stein

    and now, all across Australia, people in gay relationships who were not willing to commit completely, and were blessed with the best excuse..."sure, I'd love to marry you, Bruce, but you know, it's illegal", are pissed because now they have to sh-- or get off the pot

  • Rascal262

    Good on ya Mate!


    1st world countries are slowly pushing conservative's draconian social issues off a cliff. Great to see.

  • R H

    Is a great move forward. I have many friends and family in Perth. I am glad to see that it will give more equality to everyone.

  • turtlemouth

    Doesn't Australia have a SCOTUS equivalent that can put its foot down and order equal rights for all? I never liked the idea of the majority doling out equal rights to the minority, as it pleases.

  • Arijit Thakur

    Mr. Turnbull is a crafty politician. He knew that some MPs from his own party (the conservatives) and a part of the party's regular vote-bank would be cross with him for legalising gaye marriage. So he put up a grand show of democratic exercise. In all probability, it actually was a lesson in reality to some people in his own camp. He can now use the survival-requirement-of-conservative party argument and lawmakers interested in re-election will fall in line, just as the GOP Congressmen and Senators are falling in line with Trumputin.

  • Pangaea 47

    Go Australia

  • Citizen123

    Congrats Australia!