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  • Mavericktycoon

    How bout catching the perp instead of racial profiling that's the cops job right!

    They already have good video of this guy. If you Google around the neighborhood there it's pretty sure everything is happening within a 2 mile radius.
    If this individual owned his own vehicle you think he would be running around on foot popping innocent victims?
    The layout of the commercial businesses shows you exactly how to find him. I guarantee you that Walmart and probably Family Dollar have video of this guy already. They just need to go back and look very early and late hours. He came in on foot and/ or by bus and is probably flipping his phone. Furthermore by now he's terrified of being recognized during the day. And mode of operandi is 10 pm till 5 am. whatever. There are only a handfull of businesses in that area open past ten PM. Someone at one of those businesses knows whom this person is. There are only about 3 mom and pop type convienence/liquor stores open till 3am. He likely sleeps most of the day and has lots of high anxiety before setting out for the next victim. He has to be stalking his victims from trees or other cover. Wildlife motion cameras would pickup and record his movement. Likely leading police right back to his house. Other than that... how many phones in the area are pinging with movement at those hours of the night and very early morning.

  • Obe Wan


  • Joe Patriot

    The murderer is a black man......what race are the victims? All white or ???....Wonder if it is racially motivated since the folks being killed aren't being robbed (so no financial gain motive). Not to mention he is shooting some victims in the back which is weird for a serial killer....based on the article, serial killers like to get personal with their victims (knife, etc and up close).

    This guy is unhinged and if they do catch him alive it will be interesting to see what he says made him do it. Praying they catch him quickly..