MOSCOW — Nov 14, 2017, 7:10 AM ET

Russian PM says he talked to Trump over dinner in Manila


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Russia Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev says he has had a brief conversation with U.S. President Donald Trump about the two countries' relations at a summit in the Philippines.

Medvedev said Tuesday he spoke with Trump over dinner during the Association of Southeast Asian Nations summit.

He said Trump was "open and friendly" and it was "comfortable to discuss various subjects with him." Medvedev added they talked about "the history of our relations, World War II and some other issues."

The conversation follows brief contacts between Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin during an APEC summit in Vietnam. The two didn't have a formal meeting, but spoke informally several times.

Medvedev said Russia-U.S. relations now are "at the lowest point in decades," and "our relations have degraded day after day."

News - Russian PM says he talked to Trump over dinner in Manila

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  • bigdaddie47

    What would trump know about WWII? They didn't have Twitts or TV back then just normal print and radio news releases.

  • George Glass

    Were any US interpreters present this time?

  • David

    Karma can be vicious. Putin had ambitions to put Trump in office to literally control the free world. It has completely backfired on him. Traitorous citizens who fawn over Trump and Putin see their nationalist misogynistic desires crumbling before their half shut eyes.

  • BLW51

    What Russian "leader" hasn't Trump, or his minions, talked to?

  • John Michael Davis

    Not for one minute do I believe that Trump knows anything about history, he couldn't possibly discuss it. Maybe they talked about TV trivia.