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  • John Barron

    I guess there is no oil there, else we (the US) would be there already.

  • Kassel99

    The most interesting thing about this is a little detail: The military leader went to China to ask permission to do this. 20 Years ago he would have went to Washington, or better directly to Langley. The Times They Are a-Changin’

  • Dear White People

    The humble hard working people of Kekistan will prevail, they always do.

  • RobertJohns

    The tin pot dictator is now fending off coup plots carried out through witchcraft. The sad story of Zimbabwe's decline continues.

  • Alberta Ed

    Not dragged out and shot for destroying an entire nation? Pity.

  • SKV

    Zimbabwe is a perfect lesson for people who bend on equality and redistribution.

    It used to be a "Wheat basket of Africa" with wheat being the main export of this land locked country. The only problem, that 70% of farmland was owned by "whites" (0.7% of population) for several generations. In 1990's, farms have been taken from "whites" who and redistributed among poor indigenous "blacks". They also said, that "whites" didn't built it and didn't contribute enough. Now they have food shortages, no jobs etc.