V10s And Highballs With Margot Hayes | 4th Day On, Ep. 2

V10s And Highballs With Margot Hayes | 4th Day On, Ep. 2

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In recent years Margot Hays has won many youth national competitions, as well as placing in adult national comps. Did we mention she's only 16? Margo might just be one of the nicest, most down to earth people you'll meet around any crag, but she'll leave you in the dust as far as climbing goes. Having only been to Joe's Valley for a short bouldering trip before this episode, she was dying to send some of the hard classics and fast. Naturally she started with The Wind From Below, a 20+ foot V7 highball. She also sent Finger Hut and the classic, Resident Evil V10 from the original start. Combining beastly strength with amazing attitude and intelligence, this young lady makes the future of climbing look very bright.

Director: George Bruce Wilson
Producer: Three Peak Films

V10s And Highballs With Margot Hayes | 4th Day On, Ep. 2


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